Feel Like Always B 21.

  • B 21 LOUNGE
  • It is a luxurious experience in its entirety! Right from the inviting ambience to the service, it is space where you can relax in comfort and avail your beauty and hair care pampering with passion. The luxurious spa invites you to let go and feel the stress melt away. Dexterous fingers soothe and rejuvenate you and put you in touch with your inner self. The massages and the aromatic oils create a wonderful vibe that makes you feel like heaven is on earth. Crafted with exotic ingredients, any services at B 21 enhance your sense of well-being. Spa treatments for the hair are formulated from rare and exotic ingredients that keep hair healthy, shining and feeling silky. You will also feel immensely relaxed with the whole pampering treatment. Besides this, we have a line of therapeutic treatments for hair loss, dandruff and so on. Our body massages are the ultimate bliss and our professionals work their nimble fingers to unlock all their stress and leave you feeling absolutely relaxed. It helps relieve the soreness and pain of stressed muscles, body pain and so on. Foot Reflexology relaxes you and provides overall well-being.

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